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What We're About

Our Organization


Headquartered in Glendale, Start Living Inc is a 15-group home operation and 501c3 non-profit with 35 employees and around-the-clock patient care. Established in 2003, Start Living Inc has helped rehabilitate men and women in underrepresented communities suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues. Start Living Inc. is an organization giving patients the stability and love some have never received. Start Living Inc consists of state-of-the-art facilities, highly skilled physicians, expert behavioral health technicians, and licensed caretakers. 


Thanks to the support from our partners, Trinity Care Services and Fourtwenty Collections, we are able to safely introduce medical cannabis into some patients' programs. This holistic cannabis-assisted therapy teaches patients the healing benefits of the plant while helping them continue to abstain from deadly substances.

Our goal is to remove the stigma surrounding mental health, cannabis consumption, substance abuse and give people the opportunity to learn, forgive and eventually reenter the world with new goals and a new outlook on life. Start Living Inc is an advocate for giving back to local communities and supports several organizations with the same mission.

Our Mission


To provide underrepresented communities a nurturing, safe, and welcoming environment with the goal of assisting patients in their journey to overcome their battles with substance abuse and mental-health issues. We are committed to providing a secure environment where patients can grow, prosper, and reintegrate into society. 

Our Founder


Marvina Thomas is an eternal optimist, compassionate leader and one of the most powerful women of color in the cannabis industry. As a black woman, Thomas overcame many obstacles to succeed in the cutthroat world of business and understands the difficulties people face in underrepresented communities. 

Thomas is the inspirational founder of Arizona-based Fourtwenty Collections which encompasses THC infused edibles, CBD skincare, and a fashion line. She is also the founder of the nonprofit organization, Start Living Inc., consisting of group homes and medical clinics for people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Thomas’ mission and greatest feat is to educate people on the benefits of medical cannabis and transition them away from opioids. 

Leading a company to provide mentorship, strong ethics and dynamic leadership opportunities for those in underserved communities, is the mission of Thomas in her entrepreneurial journey. Thomas implements diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) principles, and corporate social responsibility, as key pillars in her business model.

Our Staff


We are a group of caretakers and licensed physicians dedicated to helping improve the quality of life of men and women suffering from mental health issues and substance abuse.

We have staff working around the clock to ensure every patient has the proper care and resources needed in their recovery. Our passion and diligence enable our team to customize each patient's care for optimal results and reentry into society.


Our team is committed to providing a welcoming, safe, and loving place of encouragement, acceptance, and guidance. 

After a patient completes the program, our job is not done. We remain involved post-care and work with patients to find jobs and housing.

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